Bae Watch: Meet Milo Manheim, Star of Disney Channel’s ‘Zombies’


Introducing Milo Manheim, the star of Disney Channel’s newest original movie, “Zombies”! Get to know your favorite new Disney dude from A to “Zed” before the movie premieres on February 16th.

Birthday: March 6th, 2001

Star sign: Pisces

Hometown: Venice, CA


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Hobbies: Cooking, hanging out with my friends, doing theater and playing the guitar, piano and drums.

Favorite song: “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar.

Most talked about feature: My height and my hair.

Style icon: [My “Zombies” co-star] Trevor Tordjman, because he has so much swagger. Whenever I hang with him, he looks like a million bucks.

This is how stoked I am to leave for #TNSLiveonstage in a week. Scurrrrrrrrrr

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Guilty pleasure: Junk food.

Dream superpower: The ability to control time, because I could prevent so many bad things from happening. Also, I would never make a mistake because I could just go back and change things.

First kiss in one word: Perfect

If I could be the best at anything, it would be: Making people laugh. There is nothing I want more than to entertain people. When you can make people laugh, they can forget about their problems for a moment and just enjoy themselves. I think the power of laughter is underrated.

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Ultimate dream date: Zip-lining in Hawaii, then hopping on a jet to Greece for a late lunch, and then taking a helicopter to Ibiza, Spain to see the sunset.

Number one thing I look for in a crush: I can’t describe it in words. You see somebody, you get those butterflies and then you know there’s no turning back.

Favorite DCOM (besides “Zombies”!): Without a doubt, “High School Musical.” I used to recreate all the scenes and dance numbers in my garage.

One thing readers would be surprised to know about me: I think people would be surprised to know that I love school. I’ve never missed a day and I’m a straight A student.

Why readers are going to love “Zombies”: There is not one second of the movie where the viewer won’t be entertained. The dancing and the music are incredible. The characters are totally relatable, and you can’t help but want to cheer for the underdogs.