Stars of the Newest Disney Channel Original Movie, ‘ZOMBIES,’ Visit Walt Disney World Resort

by Michael Loughran, Manager, Global Relationship Marketing

To get ready for their new movie ZOMBIES, Disney Channel stars Meg and Milo visited Walt Disney World Resort with a goal of finding the zombiest things. Fans followed the two stars in real-time on the WDWBestDayEver Instagram account as they interacted through polls to vote for which characters they should meet, attractions to experience, and accessories to wear. Meeting Cruella de Vil and singing in the caves on Tom Sawyer’s Island were among the audience’s top picks. Meg and Milo also braved the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom Park and watched the “Festival of Fantasy” parade. The two Disney fans even got a welcome wave from Miss Minnie Mouse on top of her float. Maybe Meg got her attention with her gorgeous Minnie ears?

Watch “Thattaway: ZOMBIES Edition,” a behind the scenes take on the ZOMBIE-fied day below: